You’ve got a brand new website! Great! The whole world can see you and will be flocking to buy your goods or services. JOB DONE!

Time to start deciding whether you want a Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari or all three. After that, you’ll be planning your bid for the West Coast Rail franchise, the purchase of some Boeing Dreamliners and attempting to cross the Atlantic on an inflatable crocodile. World domination is inevitable.

Fast forward a few months later and instead of taking a Sunday drive in a fancy red Ferrari around Nassau or being rescued off the coast of Bermuda on your inflatable crocodile, you’re sat in front of your computer thinking, “I built it, why won’t they come?!”

Here’s a couple of reasons why.

Your website is lacking Content

website content writingPeople visiting your website want to know what you do, who you are and why they should come to you for their needs so tell them all you can. Add some keywords and phrases that people may use when searching for a business like yours but always make it read naturally and don’t over do it as this will look like keyword stuffing to Google and will also mean a bad experience for your website visitors. Also, make your content original. You can look to other websites for inspiration but NEVER copy and paste, always use your own words.

Add a title and description (this appears on the search results but not on your page) for each page that encourages users to click on your site, include a keyword that you would like the page to be ranked for. No more than 60 characters for a title and 160 characters for the description.

No Website Promotion

If you don’t tell anyone about your website, next to no one will come. How can they? They don’t know your website exists.

Start a Facebook page and start off by inviting your friends to like the page and encourage sharing and interaction with your posts. Create an account on another one or two social media sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn. Get involved in discussions online, give out some free advice, set up a competition, become known in your industry.

Apart from what you can do for free to promote your business online, there is also Facebook and Google ads. You can target the location, age and more of your target audience. You would set your budget, length of time an ad is visible and then pay per click (PPC) on your website. There’s a lot more to it than that and perhaps the subject of a future blog post.

To compliment your online promotion, you should also promote offline as well. This could be going to networking events such as those put on by your local Chamber of Commerce or Federation of Small Businesses, distributing leaflets or a newspaper ad. Don’t forget the business cards, you never know who you might meet randomly that could become your next customer.

If you need a hand with Social Media or want a new website, Get in Touch and see if we can help you on your journey.