I know why I get out of bed in the morning, I know what drives me to be self-employed. The original idea was that I could work better around my son after my marital break down. I thought if I was self-employed I could pick my hours. No-one really told me that yes I can arrange my schedule around my family but I end up making my time up and more by working holidays evenings and weekends. I now work double the forty hours I used to work which was apparently full time.

The difference is I love what I do, every day I get job satisfaction. When people ask me what I do I don’t say I’m a web designer or social media trainer I tell them a little about my why, I tell them I want people to have professionally built websites at an affordable cost. People are building their own sites as they can but they are not really doing themselves any favours as it’s hard to do all the work behind it if you don’t know what you are doing. The reason they are resorting to doing this is because they know the importance of having a website but can’t afford over-inflated prices. I also get a massive kick of helping businesses young or old get their message out there teaching them the latest techniques in social media. It’s hugely rewarding and I always say I get to play on Facebook and call it work.

So why the lack of confidence when it comes to putting myself forward for a Business Award?

I know my clients are grateful that they spent time with me. As a result of my social media training, I have been invited to album launches, attended my first ever charity ceilidh and more but because I spend many additional hours on clients that I don’t charge for and many many hours keeping up to date with my trainings and all the updates and going on in social media. So that’s a huge chunk of my time that I’m not charging for.

How will I measure up against other businesses? Does my bottom line mean that I am not successful? Are they more effective in their customer service? Do they go above and beyond for their customers? Do they forget that customer when they pack up after their working day?

So maybe I am a contender!

The process for awards usually start with an application form. After asking other people who have applied for awards whether it was beneficial all have said yes it helps them focus on their business and is all positive exposure. So that’s not too bad an application form

Business awards usually have an interview. I’m not so good at interviews. How do I show who I am in a few minutes and what plans I have for my business and carrying it forward? I’ve decided to just be myself they will either love me and my approach or they won’t. I suppose it boils down to letting them see my passion. That what’s makes me and my business different. Not whether I turn over millions.

So I’m going for it, win, or lose, it can only help me focus on my direction.